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About goodbye dollhouse

This blog exists to satisfy my curiosity about what’s going on within feminism and gender politics in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries, and compare it with what I know about the English-speaking world.

I grew up in Denmark, am now living in London, and find myself somewhat bemused by the general assumption in the UK that Scandinavians live in a gender equality paradise surrounded by rainbows and unicorns – or as Julian Assange has claimed, in the “Saudia Arabia of feminism”. The truth is more complicated, and the election of Denmark’s first female prime minister is as good a time as any to start finding out.

The blog will be in English because I have also noticed a dearth of non-academic material in English about the issue, although inevitably there will be links to blogs and articles in the Scandinavian languages. I plan to try and follow events in the 3 languages I’m familiar with: Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, with forays into events in Iceland, Finland and the Faroes or Greenland where the language barrier allows.
The blog will also touch on other topics that interest me personally, but I will try to focus mostly on the gender angle. The title is a reference to Henrik Ibsen’s play “A Doll’s House, which was written by a Norwegian but premiered in Denmark in 1879. I reckon it’s pan-Scandinavian enough to provide a blog title.
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